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Geographical Signs

The protection of geographical signs in Turkey is regulated by the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, which entered into force on January 10th, 2017. The new Law contains the provisions such as; Protection of ‘designation of origin’ and ‘geographical indications’, publication of the applications, opposition by all interested parties.


Our attorneys provide assistance in preparing and filing applications for the registration of geographical signs before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Plant Breeder’s Rights

The Law No: 5042 relating with the Plant Breeder’s’ Right has entered into force on 15.01.2004. Upon adoption of this new protection type on November 18, 2007, Turkey became the 65th member of UPOV.


With the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act, it is possible for plant breeders’ to legally protect new varieties of reproduced plants. The applications relating with new varieties of plants are filed before the Agricultural Ministry in Turkey. Sımaj assists clients for each step before the Agricultural Ministry for applications for registration of plant varieties from drafting the application till registration.

Integrated Circuit Topographies
Integrated circuit topography is a three dimensional configuration of integrated circuit constructed from layers of semiconductors, metals, insulators and other materials. The registration of integrated circuit topographies by Turkish Patent Office is possible as from the date of 22.04.2004. The Law No:5147 which has entered into force on 22.04.2004 in Turkey regulates the formal requirements and the registration proceedings for registration of integrated circuit topographies. Sımaj assists clients for drafting and prosecuting the applications for registration of integrated circuit topographies.

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